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NCWS is proud to announce that we are now offering Botox Cosmetics! Join the millions of women who share one special thing. The real, noticeable results of Botox. Botox is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles to temporarily treat moderate to severe frown lines. Years of squinting, concentrating, or frowning can cause your skin to furrow and crease. As time passes, your skin becomes less elastic. Botox will help relax the areas of concern and smooth out those unwanted lines. Within 24 to 48 hours after the injection, you will notice a softening and it will continue to improve over the next 2 weeks. Let’s turn back the clock together and make you look 10-20 years younger. Call us now to find out if Botox is right for you!

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Juvederm XC Injectable Gel

JUVÉDERM XC is the smooth gel filler that your doctor uses to instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With just one treatment, you’ll get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to a year. Young, healthy-looking skin contains an abundance of a naturally hydrating substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). But as you age, sunlight and other factors can reduce the amount of HA in your skin. The lack of HA causes your skin to lose structure and volume, creating unwanted facial wrinkles and folds. Using a dermal filler like JUVÉDERM XC is a safe and effective way to replace the HA your skin has lost, bringing back its volume and smoothing away facial wrinkles and folds. JUVÉDERM XC dermal filler is a nonsurgical, physician-administered treatment. Using a fine needle, your healthcare professional eases JUVÉDERM XC under the skin to fill the soft tissue of the dermis. This adds volume and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and folds instantly. You will walk out of our office looking younger than when you walked in. Please call for further information!




NCWS is now offering the prescription medication Latisse! Have you ever wished for thicker, longer, and darker lashes? Well, now that is possible with Latisse! Latisse solution works gradually over time. At 4 weeks of daily use you will start to see longer lashes. When you get to 8 weeks you will start to see fuller & darker lashes. Finally, at 16 weeks you will have the full dramatic results! Your days of needing mascara are over. Results may vary from person to person.


Jan Marini Skin Care Line

This award-winning Skin Care Management System was developed for all skin types. It utilizes synergistic layered technology to measurably improve the appearance of common skin conditions such as: Fine lines, Skin Discoloration, Acne, Rosacea, and Sun Damage. Using the system is easy and intuitive. Immediately feel the difference from the first application. Skin will appear noticeably smoother and healthier.

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NCWS New Peel Packages

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Refine Peel Package

The Refine peel targets fine lines and light skin resurfacing. With an estimated downtime of 3 days. The package includes: Refine Peel, One Skincare Management System Starter Kit & 3 days worth of the gentle cleanser to help w/ healing. 

Clarity Peel Package

The Clarity peel targets adult acne and skin discolorations. With an estimated downtime of 3-4 days. The package includes: Clarify Peel, One Skincare Management System Starter Kit, 3 days worth of the gentle cleanser to help w/ healing, and one complete Skinzyme/ Cleanzyme facial to help with skin removal 3 days later.

Premier Transform Peel Package

The Transform peel is our premiere peel. It targets adult acne, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, and skin discoloration. With an estimated downtime of 7 days. The package includes: Transform Peel, One Skincare Management Starter System, 1 weeks worth of the gentle cleanser to help w/ healing, and one, possibly 2 (if necessary) Skinzyme/ Cleanzyme facials to help with skin removal over the next 7 days

Lunchtime Peel Package

Our Basic Jan Marini Glycolic Peel. A quick facial refresher that can be done on your lunch break and then back to work immediately. This package includes 4 peels spaced 1 week apart. Will refresh and rejuvenate the skin with no down time and minimal flaking.

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